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  • Community Events

    2015 Paddler Workshop and Gear Swap

    Fox Valley Yakkers

    Sponsored by NEWP , please visit for more info, as well as up to date events. So, what exactly is this event? Well, to put it simply - it is a swap meet with education classes:...

    Evan & Tom of Leahy's Luck at the Pub!

    Shamrock Club of the Fox Cities

    Evan & Tom of Leahy's Luck return to the pub with their fantastic Irish Folk Music. Tom has been playing guitar & singing on stage for almost 24 years now. His son Evan brings his excellent Bodhran skills and expanding guitar & vocals back to...

    Rise of the Runelords

    Fox Valley Pathfinder Gaming Group

    Last time our heroes… After finishing off Erylium in the Catacombs of Wrath, our heroes rested up before heading to Thistletop to try and find the source of this goblin invasion.  Before they left though they found a help of an alchemist named...