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  • Community Events

    Rise of the Runelords

    Fox Valley Pathfinder Gaming Group

    After successfully taking back Fort Rannick, our heroes find themselves with a dilemma of what to do next.  After staying with the last remaining Black Arrows to help cleanup and rebuild for a week, they were asked to help out around the area...

    Atim Delivered (D&D 3.5ed)

    Fox Valley Roleplaying Guild

    Having learned of a new foe while traveling to Atim, the party completes their delivery and hastens to learn about the mysterious Zaratan.  Is the Wandering Vault on the shell of an island size turtle that roams the coastal waters? This...

    Salvation Army bellringing

    3-2-1 Appleton Kiwanis

    At our board meeting today, we decided to do our club's bellringing on this date with a social afterwards.  We were unaware that Pat had already proposed a date.  I would suggest that members sign up for either or both dates and we can go from...