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  • Community Events

    French for beginners

    Appleton Frenchies

    Beginning French speakers: are you looking to practice and improve your French conversational skills? More advanced French speakers: are you looking to help beginning French speakers with their conversational skills? If so, this a meet-up for...

    Non-Profit Formation Meeting

    Fox Valley Agnostics, Atheists & Freethinkers

    Our second discussion tentatively scheduled to be in the Emeritus Room at UW Fox Falley Agenda: - Decide on whether to be separate or based on FVAAF- Decide on Mission portion of Bylaws.

    2nd Ed. AD&D: City of Chances

    Fox Valley Roleplaying Guild

    2nd Edition AD&D campaign.  City adventure with some dungeon crawling elements.  The story can evolve into anything that it organically flows into.  Setting is a heavily modified Waterdeep.  City structure and government altered to fit my...