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  • Community Events

    ~Lets get that highway cleaned up!~

    3-2-1 Appleton Kiwanis

    It's that time of year again! We will meet at the Coldwell Banker office across from Appleton North and behind Copper Rock (aka Dylan's Office) From there we will set up our plan and head out to pick up trash on our stretch of the road....

    Coder Cooperative

    Appleton Makerspace

    Week 0049: IoT - the madness continues! On our third week of "Internet of Things" as a topic, we'll be assembling our new project kit! Jamie donated a RaspberryPi 1 Model B Bob donated...

    Let's design a licensed RPG for publication!

    Fox Valley Roleplaying Guild

    The sole purpose of this session is to playtest and familiarize ourselves with the Leverage RPG, which utilizes Margaret Weis Productions' "Cortex Action" game mechanic.  We're going to use this game system to produce a space opera / hard sci...