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  • Community Events

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Fox Valley Mindfulness Meditation

    After brief introductions, we will have a short meditation to be followed by a reading. Afterwards, members will be invited to share their experience of the reading. Our regualr gatherings will be every other Saturday at 10:30am. Since some of...

    D20 3.5e Iron Kingdoms

    Fox Valley Roleplaying Guild

    Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms where magic and machinery intermingle and nations engage in conflict rooted in ancient grudges while exploiting innovations from an ongoing industrial revolution. The Iron Kingdoms lie in the heart of western...

    5th Edition DnD Homebrew - World of Callumon

    Fox Valley Roleplaying Guild

    The world of Callumon.  Homebrew world where the players create the world as we play. We are an established group from Pathfinder, but always looking to have people on the waiting list if you are interested.  Current players that are...