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  • Community Events

    Walk Don Fries Recreational Area
    8-7-14 11:30 am - Downtown Appleton
    Fox Valley Walking/Hiking Club

    This a small tucked away nature trail built into a natural ravine with many ups and downs for those who like a challenge and just as much flatter terrain for those with less experience or looking for something a little more leisurely. The address...

    Women's Empowerment Group
    8-7-14 11:30 am - Downtown Appleton
    DandAlliance - Empowering Women

    The Women’s Empowerment Group provides a safe, sacred place for women to grow and learn more about themselves.  Trust is established early on and women are encouraged to share their dreams and their resistances to achieving them.  Goal...

    Mile of Music Hand Crafted Artisan Festival
    8-7-14 11:30 am - Downtown Appleton
    Mile of Music Original Live Music Enthusiasts

    Americana and Appleton became acquainted with each other a long time ago, and it didn’t take long for the two to become synonymous. Now it’s time to show the world just how perfectly the two belong together. Set for August 8th through 11th in...